Considering a Move? Let Elite Realty Be Your Next Choice!

Elite Realty Services was created and designed specifically with the individual agents and their personal successes in mind. We have developed key services, marketing tools, powerful website presence, extraordinary training regimen, and centralized business support to insure their success.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Elite Realty:

  1. Strong, experienced managing brokers and operations support.
  2. Etraordinary training given by extraordinary trainers in all aspects of the real estate business, business concepts, mindsets and various super learning methods.
  3. Powerful, unique and diverse website packed with all the necessary tools resources and training agents need to achieve higher levels of production.
  4. Impressive office faciclities with all the necessary equipment to support you.
  5. Family oriented culture spanning a broad base of ethnicity and speaking over 15+ languages.
  6. Structured administrative and staff support providing transaction coordination, auditing, compliance, legal and accounting services.
  7. NO franchise fee, royalty fees, office or desk fee, copier and supplies fee, telephone monthly fee, fax and email usage fee, office supplies and training fees.
  8. Top commission schedule with no hidden fees.
  9. Create passive income through team building, recruting bonuses, profit share programs, and distinguished agent bonuses.
  10. Ability to own your own branch office(s) brokerage busienss at little cost and low overhead expenses but have the full services of a major company.

During these emerging economic times which are causing adverse challenges to many in our profession, we must make the right decision now, the decisions we make now will impact your future.

YOU must seize the present moments to ensure the stability of your future and your family!

Give us a call and see if we are in your future!

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