Elite Academy of Real Estate

“Developing Extra-Ordinary Professionals with Extra-Ordinary Training”

ELITE ACADEMY of REAL ESTATE is the training Affiliate of Elite Realty Services with the central focus and emphasis of providing its real estate sales professionals with the finest, intelligent approach to training methods. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elite Norcal Corporation and was created to provide the critical support of educating, training, coaching and guiding the agents of the company’s under their core principles of providing service to the clients with “Excellence, Loyalty, Integrity, Trust and Efficiency.”

Excellence, Loyalty, Integrity, Trust, Efficiency

We understand and are well aware that the success of a business lies in the abilities and knowledge of its sales associates. With this understanding, the “Elite Academy of Real Estate” was established to meet the company’s high standards of professionalism, excellence and efficiency when serving its clients.

To achieve our goal in providing agents the finest training in the industry, we sought extra-ordinary trainers in all aspects of the real estate business to be part of our Elite Master Teachers Faculty. The Elite Master Teachers will provide training on a broad spectrum of topics related to the real estate business, not offered by any real estate company or organization.

If you are looking to enter the field of real estate, we provide the finest and most intensive live instructions to help you to obtain your CA real estate salesperson license.

“Our Aim is to develop agents to reach their greatest potential and become “Extra-ordinary” entrepreneurs with extra-ordinary education and skill training from extra-ordinary teachers”

Our unique and intelligent approach to extra-ordinary training taught by master teaches includes:

  • Developing a powerful and productive brokerage business.
  • Utilizing a broad range of lead generation strategies to achieve greater income revenue.
  • Building a wide and deep data base of clientele for life.
  • Mastering the simple steps of effectively working with buyers.
  • Understanding powerful negotiations techniques.
  • Learning powerful marketing techniques to selling properties.
  • Penetrating strategies to obtaining more quality listings.
  • Utilizing “superlearning” technologies.
  • Knowing the secrets of powerful presentations.
  • Warrior Spirit attitudes and approaches.
  • Understanding and using effective marketing and social media mediums.
  • Dealing with life challenges.

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